Cooking class with HKA

Cooking Class

May 2015, Free Cooking Class in Stanley for a association (Les Oursins and PSE )

A special thanks to Claire Jacolin and all volunteers

Cooking Class.

A special thanks for all you Chef !

March 2015, Cooking workshop in Stanley.

17 September 2015 Cooking Class.

TaiTam, Stanley

Cooking Class.

"SOLO PASTA" Cooking Class (Ravioli)

Great meeting with my guests for kitchen accessories in Kowloon.

February cooking class with (Tous en cuisine!)

A special thanks to the wonderfull women who give me my inspiration "Agnes Sebaux"

Special love thanks also to:

Chaterine C, Claire Jacolin, Claire Zanetto, Alexandra Aubin, Veronique Dejongue.....

I love You all!!!

March 2015, Special thanks to Catherine C.

Cooking class with HKA

Azia Dolce Vita

8 October 2015 Cooking Class

Tai Tam, Stanley

"SOLO PASTA" Cooking Class (Tagliatelle)

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Cooking Class

Tai Tam, Stanley

Kids cooking class with Little Chefs.

27 June 2015 Cooking Class


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